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Data Only Plan — Setup Instructions


If you want to save money and move to a Data Only Plan now is the time in Canada.

Fido is offering a Tablet Plan / Data Only of 3 gigs of Data for $15.00 a month. As of this Date September 27th 2016

You may be worried about calling and texting but no fear, here are the instructions for setting up calling and texting with

1. Create an account at the website and add $25 to your account. (Refundable if you change your mind)

2. Order a DID ( a phone number)

Oder a DID Number

You can also port in your cell phone for a cost of about $10 CAD, which you will probably do after testing.

There will be plenty of settings to choose from, just stay with the default settings for now.

3. Now you know your new DID number you can create your Sub Account

create-sup-account2A. Keep the protocol SIP and use a User/Password

B. Make your username whatever you want, I made it my cell number for clarity

C. Create a password.

D. Enter a Caller ID number, choose whether you want premium routing or Value, I chose Premium

E. Click to Create Account.

4. Click on Manage DID



5. Click on the yellow/orange button and choose your DID.



6. Here you are going to point your new Did to the Sub Account.



A. Under SIP/IAX Change to the sub account in the dropdown.  Write this full Sup account name down, you need it later when you install the calling app.

B. Choose a POP server and write it down, you need the full address later.  Example

C. Enable SMS and forward them to an email or your Tablet Cell number for Notification sounds if you want.  (I did as the notification feature of the text app is flaky. )

D. Click -Click Here to apply Changes-

7. Time to get Texting working.  Click on SOAP as seen below.  


8. Now enter a password for the texting app. Edit the IP field to and enable the API.  Ensure it shows “Enabled”


9. Install Zoiper and SMS (Michael Kouras) from the Android App store on your phone.

10. Open Zoiper (You have a username and password) Yes, and setup a manual connection.


A. Account can be anything, you could use your phone number.

B. Host is the pop server you wrote down in step 6.  Example

C. Username is the full sub account name you wrote down in step 6.  ######_yourdid.

D. The password is the one you created in step 3, not 8, (which can be different).

Click save and the account should show as Active.

11. Using the Zoiper app now you can test incoming and outgoing calls to your new Did number. 

12. Open the SMS app and enter your account email address and password setup in Step 8. 


Your did will populate, so choose it, this populates because you could have several sup accounts with multiple dids to choose.

13. Click and slide to turn on notifications. 


Now you are calling and texting over data with a $15 a month 3 gig data package.

FYI, calling uses approximately 1 meg per minute and texting is next to nothing.

Hope you enjoy.

I made these instructions very fast and may have made an error.  If I did, please comment and I’ll edit the post.