Loose Chips Sink Ships Micro Stakes Poker Season 1 Episode 16

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Today’s Micro Stakes Poker lesson

I provide in video format a glaring example of why loose chips sink ships. 

I started by breaking my starting hand rules. If you have watched any of my videos I play extremely tight from early position like Under the Gun and Middle position and from the Cut Off and Dealer button I loosen up.  During this session I began calling from early position with less than premium hands.

Micro Stakes PokerMy dealer button rule, which I’m currently sticking with is to raise literally any hand from the button if there were no other players limping or raising before me.  I think this strategy works for me at the $2 and $5 buy in tables.

The strategy that I added, which I think might be failing is to also raise any hand from the cut off.  It just didn’t work and possibly even the bad players realized I was playing to loose and fast to always have it.

As a result I was getting way more calls than I wanted and my continuation bets on the flop were getting called and raised with much greater frequency.  This left me with tough decisions on the turn.  Way too often I was left to decide whether to simply give up the hand or make a much larger and scarier two barrel continuation turn card bluff.

The results were a loosing proposition.  Expect to see my future videos of me playing extremely tight poker. Continue to watch my videos of Micro Stakes Poker and you will be a winner too.