Season 1 Episode 10 Micro stakes poker

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I’ve finally figured out the settings that my laptop can handle to best display the stream.  With my current hardware I don’t think it’s going to get any better than this. I hope you enjoy.

Micro Stakes Poker Hand I’m Most Proud Of

You would never guess the Micro Stakes Poker hand I’m most proud of in this session because it appears quite meaningless and trivial but to me it’s not.  It’s the J10 hand that begins at 10:47.  I’m on the button and the cutoff raises and I call.  The flop came J4A and the Cutoff continuation bet 15c into a 32c pot.  Which if my math serves me correct is less than 50% of the pot. 

After raising preflop from late position and an A comes off when the CO bets small it makes me feel like he missed and is scared of the A.  If he hit the A, say he had something like A10, he would either bet harder, like 70% of the pot in order to build it or would do something fancy like a check raise.  Instead his standard small bet alerted me I can take it down

Of course I also had second pair so even if he called I knew I had outs that could help me take his entire stack.  Of course as usual it’s always best to play in position so you can easier gather free intelligence from their play and or reactions to cards. 

Another hand I enjoyed of course was my A7 hand at 7:43.  When you win a person’s stack it is of course very fun.  My opponent was either on tilt or fed up of me constantly raising his blind in the past.  Who know which is was.  I guess he could have simply been a bad player.  

Micro Stakes poker

Micro Stakes Poker

Notable Hands added after live session. QQ at 0:47 1010 at 3:21 AK at 5:10 A7 at 7:43 J10 at 10:48 23 at 21:06 AQ at 32:55 AJ at 33:00 A6 at 40:58 106 at 45:56