Season 1 Episode 11 Micro stakes poker

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You can find my previous episode here 

Another session where I leave up money.  I’m not sure if I’m just running good or getting lucky.

Micro Stakes Poker Hand of the Night

It happens at minute 56:59.  I’m dealt 99 in the big blind and the cut off raises and I call.  The flop comes all under cards and being that I wasn’t the pre-flop raiser I check the flop hoping to see a cheap turn.  I’m not confident at this point that I’m ahead but once the turn comes I know I’m good.  We end up getting it all in and my opponent fails to fold his over pair as usual. 

Micro Stakes Poker

Micro Stakes Poker Worst Hand of the Night

My worst hand played can be seen right at the beginning of the 99 hand on the left table.  I have 73 on the button and I try to steal the blinds, I then try to steal the flop and I’m called with an Ace and Queen on the board. My opponent checks the turn and so do I.  He then also checks the river and I attempt a wild over bet to win the hand because I have zero show down value. 

I just don’t need to make these types of moves at these limits.  I actually shouldn’t make those moves at any limit.  It’s simply a terrible move every time. 

Here are my notable hands for this session.

108 at 19:04 KJs at 37:18 99 at 42:48 99 at 46:40 QQ at 50:55 1010 at 53:50 99 at 56:50 KJ at 1:01:45 AK at 1:06:15