Season 1 Episode 12 Micro stakes poker

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You can find my previous episode here

My session started out rough.  A few minutes in I played pocket 22 and to my delight I turned a set on a 10 10 8 board.  My excitement increased as my opponent raised hard. We happily shoveled our money into the middle and to my dread I found that my opponent had flopped a full house and mine was a weaker full house. 

Micro Stakes Poker

I lost a full stack in the first few minutes of my session so I knew I would be dealing with an up hill battle.  It turned out that many of my opponents playing poker that day were terrible players.  I proceeded to get my money in the middle with a few others and I capitalized each time.  I ended the session up about $10.00.

Notable Hands added after live session.  22 at 1:25, QQ at 10:39, AA at 18:17, AA at 20:19, AK at 21:55, KK at 22:45, AJ at 26:55, A5 at 35:03.

Bank Roll at the end of the session was $76.xx