Season 1 Episode 9 Micro stakes poker

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You can find my previous episode here

Just FYI, I realize my stream is not great and I’m working on it.  I would really like my Micro Stakes Poker videos to be of the best quality so please be aware I’m working to improve. It’s a real bummer the stream is crap for this session because I played some pretty good poker.

Or maybe what I should be saying is that I ran really well.  I believe I had Set over Set twice in the session.  Set over Set is really easy money because the opponent will never fold and will typically push all in.

As promised my Notable Hands played are below.

Please comment and let me know your opinion on the hand at 28:30 (Right table) AK. Would you have folded AK on the river there?

Notable Hands 88 at 5:00

AA at 5:47

66 at 8:00

33 at 10:20

88 at 17:17

AQ at 24:30

1010 at 24:40

AK at 26:20

AK at 28:30

22 at 33:10

K10 at 38:40

10/9 at 42:05

AQ at 44:00

AA at 44:30

QQ at 45:40