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Season 1 Episode 14 Micro stakes poker Fold pocket Kings pre-flop

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In today’s session I perform a move that is suggested you should never do.  I folded pocket Kings pre-flop.  I know what you are thinking.  WHAT!!!! Are You Crazy !!!!!

Yes, I know I know and I agree.  Please watch the hand first before assuming I’m wrong.  It’s the last hand of the day so it’s easy for you to watch the hand.  

In the hand we had an “Under The Gun” Pre-Flop raiser.  I’m sitting directly beside the UTG raiser and 3 bet them from a 12cent raise to 55 cents.  The player directly to my left then 4 bet shoves all in after watching a pre-flop raise and re-raise.  I think the most likely hand is easily AA.  Slight chance of KK or QQ and very slim chance of AK.  I’m way behind AA here.  I’m about a 70% chance against AK and of course I’m way ahead of QQ.  

I just don’t believe I need to gamble with these hand ranges here.  There are better places for me to get all my stack in. 

Fold KK Pre-Flop

Would you fold pocket kings pre-flop here?