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Shit I learned on Youtube

I’m maybe going to start a continual list of blogs with interesting videos I find on YouTube and I’m going to call the series Shit I learned on Youtube.  The reason I say maybe is because I’m a lazy pile of shit and rarely finish any projects I start, but this one seems easy and fun and I’m terrible at expressing myself in written language as you can see from my previous posts.

Shit I learned on YouTube

The first video is by Youtuber Veritasium, you can check out his channel right here.  Veritasium produces compelling scientific educational videos and this one is about determining a process to find solutions to problems.

What we learn in the first post of Shit I Learned On YouTube, is why it’s important to attempt to prove a theory wrong as opposed to proving it right.  We do this because we can immediately identify the wrong theory quickly and move on to test other theories instead.

I think you will know more of what I mean when you watch the video.  I’ve worked in computer desktop support for over 15 years and over time I intuitively learned to do this when troubleshooting computer issues.

Feel free to comment and let me know if you enjoy my series on Shit I Learned On YouTube.