Deepak_Chopra_2013The woo that is Deepak ChopraYears ago after a hard days work I sat down to get my daily dose of Opera Winfrey. Of course I expected an educational, well vetted, interesting show where I would learn something new about the world.

Boy did I ever. Her guest that day was Deepak Chopra, the consciousness being, I know nothing about quantum physics but I pretend I do, guy. (Citation 1)

As he was speaking that day I remember thinking, I have no idea what he just said or what he even meant. It felt like he was simply saying words but not a coherent sentence.

It turns out I was right. There is a phrase used around the debate/argument circle and it goes like this.

What you just said WASN’T EVEN WRONG.

Or better known as IT IS NOT ONLY NOT RIGHT, IT IS NOT EVEN WRONG (Citation 1, 2).

What it means is there is literally no form or understood logic to the sentence you just said. In a logical format it would look like this.

4 + giraffe = homeopathy works

For more, check out the link WORD SALAD

When ever I see his books in a store or see him in an interview I die a little inside.

A fun website created in his honour is

Check it out just for fun, it will only take a few seconds.

Watch this video as critical thinking skeptics Sam Harris and Michael Shermer destroy Deepak on stage.

What spews from Deepak’s mouth is what can be called Woo (Citation 3).

Woo, in it’s most simple form is synonymous with BULLSHIT. However it often covers many specific characteristics which include

A simple cure to many problems often including disease. Homeopathy anyone?
A scientific sounding phrase for how something works but has no actual science behind it. We can insert the phrase pseudoscience here.
It may involve the paranormal or supernatural.
Insinuating scientific authority.
Spouts lots of anecdotal and testimonial evidence as opposed to actual science.
This is the woo that is Deepak Chopra. Next time you see Deepak interviewed relax and wait for it, wait for it, booooom!!!! Word Salad, Word Salad and remember it’s not that Deepak Chopra was right, Deepak Chopra wasn’t even wrong.

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